The term Xputer (the "Anti-Machine") stands for the counterpart of the von Neumann paradigm. The Xputer uses data counters instead of a programm counter. Efficiency is Everything. Von Neumann maximizes computational complexity. That's why Xputers are important since we urgently must go heterogeneous for Cooling off Accelerated Computing.

Presentation about the Role of Xputers:

    http://hartenstein.de/salvador.htm (there click onto the red field)

Xputers and Reconfigurable Computing:

in German language:          Seite 79 auf:  http://www.fpl.uni-kl.de/xputer-pages/itpress/Hartenstein-TI2-Textbook-3.pdf:

(Dies ist Kapitel 3 des Textbuch in: http://www.fpl.uni-kl.de/xputer-pages/itpress/TI2.htm    von 1994, aber immer noch aktuell (frage Prof. J├╝rgen Becker vom KIT!))

Seite 80 auf


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For the entire TI-2 book (appeard already in 1994) see: 

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