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The ASAP conference series started as a workshop or conference on systolic arrays (see below: 1st thru 3rd "ASAP").  But the area extended with (1.) the generalization of H. T. Kung's systolic array by replacing his algebraic synthesis method (supporting only applications with regular data dependencies), and by (2.) solving their problem "who generates the data streams ?" ("This is not our job, since a guy with a soldering iron will come and connect the array to some signal sources."), so that they missed to to define data streams as a machine paradigm.




ASAP 2017, tba

ASAP 2016, London, UK

ASAP 2015, Toronto, Canada

ASAP 2014, Zurich, Switzerland

ASAP 2013, Washington D.C., USA

ASAP 2012, Delft, Netherlands

ASAP 2011, Santa Monica, California, USA

ASAP 2010, Rennes, France

ASAP 2009, Boston, Massachussets, USA

ASAP 2008, Leuven, Belgium

ASAP 2007, Montreal, Canada

ASAP 2006, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

ASAP 2005, Samos, Greece

ASAP 2004, Galveston, Texas, USA

ASAP 2003, The Hague, The Netherlands