Presentations in Int_l Companies

Invited Presentations at International Company Meetings
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  1. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Computing in Medical Image Processing; Siemens AG; Bruchsal, Germany, March 14, 2007

  2. Reiner Hartenstein (invited course): Reconfigurable Computing and its Enabling Technologies -- for the Personal Supercomputer (PS) to replace the PC; THALES Research & Technology; Palaiseau, France, Sep 18, 2003,

  3. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Computing and its Impact; intel Corp. Reconfigurable Computing and Communication Workshop, intel Corp., Hillsboro, Oregon, USA, May 15-16, 2003,

  4. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Circuits and their Applications; DaimlerChrysler internal FPGA-Workshop; Schwaebisch Hall; Germany, Sept. 26 - 28, 2000

  5. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Computing: Taking off to Overcome the Microprocessor; parc forum; Xerox Palo Alto Research Center; Palo Alto, CA, USA, May 13, 1999

  6. Reiner Hartenstein: The KressArray Design Space Explorer; MorphICs Inc., Cupertino, CA, USA, April 23, 1999

  7. Reiner Hartenstein: A Framework for Optimization and Programming of application-domain-specific KressArray Architectures; ST microelectronics Corp., Agrate Brianza, Italy, Febr. 17. 1999

  8. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Computing Developments -- Trends; Dot Wireless Inc., San Diego, CA, USA, 1999

  9. Reiner Hartenstein: The KressArray: a Survey on Progress and Applications; Siemens AG, Corporate Research, Munich-Neuperlach, Germany, October 1998

  10. Reiner Hartenstein: Reconfigurable Computing: From Tinkertoy to Fundamental Computing Paradigm; NEC Laboratories, Princeton, New Jersey, March 1998

  11. Reiner Hartenstein (invited tutorial, together with Jürgen Becker): Xputers and Their Programming Environment;  ARM Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd. Europe, Cambridge, UK, July 24, 1996.

  12. Reiner Hartenstein: Xputers, a New Computational Paradigm; Institute of Microelectronics; Singapore, November 1994

  13. Reiner Hartenstein: Xputer: ein neues Hochleistungs-Maschinenparadigma; Fa. Hermstedt, Mannheim, Germany, October 1992)

  14. Reiner Hartenstein: Xputer - Novel High Performance Computers: Principles and Implemenation; IBM Research Laboratories, Boeblingen, Germany June 21, 1990

  15. Reiner Hartenstein: European Research Projects on CAD for VLSI; JEIDA, Japanese Electrotechnical Industry Association, Keidanren Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 1985

  16. Reiner Hartenstein: European Research Projects on CAD for VLSI; Fujitsu Corp., Research Labs, Kawasaki, Japan, Sept. 1985

  17. Reiner Hartenstein: Hardware Description Languages and their Applications; CSELT - Centro Studi et Laboratori Telecommunicazioni, Torino, Italy, Apr. 11 - 12, 1984

  18. Reiner Hartenstein (major part of a 5 day Design Course): Hardware Description Languages and their Applications; CSELT - Centro Studi et Laboratori Telecommunicazioni, Torino, Italy, Feb 27 - March 2, 1983

  19. Reiner Hartenstein (invited 3 day VLSI Design Course): Introduction to VLSI System Design; Siemens- AG, Central Laboratories, Munich-Neuperlach, Germany, June 1982

  20. Reiner Hartenstein: Computer Design Languages als Input Sources for LSI CAD, Siemens AG, Central Laboratories, Munich-Neuperlach, Germany, Juli 1979

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