Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Reiner Hartenstein




Computers are facing a seismic shift

Von Neumann Computers are extremely inefficient in using electric power. Vanquishing von Neumann, however, will be extremely difficult, since more than a half century of software sits squarely on top.

Design space exploration is limited by power efficiency. Lithography of microelectronics is no more really the main key. Also because of leakage current Moore's Law is no longer the trump card. "Moore’s Law is a maddening mistress. [1]".

Power-efficient computing will be based on innovative parallelism and datapath structures. A quantum leap in computing efficiency should be unlocked by "soft hardware" (FPGAs etc.). We urgently must go hetero. We must reinvent computing.

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[1] Kevin Morris: "The Hard Ceiling - Power Plays the Death Card"; Electronic Engrg J., Nov. 5, 2013