Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Hartenstein

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IEEE fellow
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Reiner Hartenstein

Reinvent Computing Evangelist
High Performance Reconfigurable Computing

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Reconfigurable Supercomputing

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Co-organizer of the FPL conference series

FPL is the oldest conference on  Reconfigurable Computing

Founder of the PATMOS conference series (a spin-off of the PATMOS project): see PATMOS page.    [x]           [x]

Projects:PATMOS project, CVT project CVS project  E-I.S. Projekt  the KARL language


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What means "FPL" oder "FPGA" ?

FPL     = Field-Programmable Logic

FPGA = Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

What is an "FPGA" ?  See:

Was heißt "FPL" or "FPGA" ?

FPL     = Feld-programmierbare Logik

FPGA = Feld-programmierbare Gatter-Anordnung

Was ist  ein "FPGA" ?  Siehe: