Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Hartenstein


IEEE fellow
SDPS fellow
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Reiner Hartenstein
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Reconfigurable Supercomputing
What means Reconfigurable Computing?

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Founder of the PATMOS conference series

It is the oldest conference series on Low Power Design: PATMOS series history       PATMOS history map

The PATMOS conference series is a spin-off of the former PATMOS project funded by the commission of the EU.   

other projects: CVT projectCVS project, E.I.S. Projekt

Offices: Kaiserslautern  Karlsruhe


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Why PATMOS is extremely important

Power consumption is the most important issue in computing and all other kinds of ICT infrastructures. Already in 2007 its carbon footprint has been higher than that of the worldwide air traffic. Without a paradigm shift its electricity bill will be unaffordable toward the end of next decade. All aspects of highest performance from lowest power are the theme of PATMOS (Power And TiMing OptimiSation) - the oldest conference series on power efficieny. Why PATMOS is important: for more details see here